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In this section, we showcase some of the iT4Communities' projects that have had a great impact on charities and voluntary organisations.

These stories involve UK organisations from different backgrounds and with various needs, but with one common factor - all of them benefited from the outstanding performance of our volunteers.

If you are a charity or voluntary organisation looking for IT professional support, we hope that our clients' testimonies inspire you to register with iT4Communities and start enjoying the benefits now!

  • Copenhagen Youth Project - A successful database project inspired this King's Cross-based charity to request additional volunteer help.
  • Headway Northampton - Technical support from a volunteer has helped this brain-injury charity get to grips with their IT system.
  • Planet Volunteer - I couldn't have done it without him! Founder Paola Pagliarin is very appreciative of the help given by an iT4Communities volunteer.
  • Generate - A volunteer with website design experience has created an engaging website to help this organisation communicate with their service users and local professionals.
  • The Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project - With a venue and equipment donated to them this community centre needed volunteer advice to make good use of it.
  • The Congregation of the Mission (Abbey Wood) - This newly-formed Christian charity needed a volunteer with the skills to quickly develop a website.
  • Black Country Touring - Volunteer Tim O'Mara used his significant database experience to help a theatre and dance charity in the Black Country.

We have found a wonderful volunteer through your website who is continuing to help us develop our Charity website and has done a great job so far. We can't thank you enough for putting us in touch with him - it has allowed us to use our funding for actual charitable costs instead of expensive admin!

Meheen Rangoonwala, MAITS (Multi Agency International Training and Support)

  • The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust - This worldwide children's charity needed a volunteer with strong Salesforce skills to implement a database for them.
  • School Governors' One-Stop Shop - Although this charity were keen to use Google Adwords, volunteer Stony Gunrow convinced them that they needed to understand their audience first.
  • Calibre Audio Library - This Buckinghamshire-based charity used a volunteer to create a prototype audio-streaming website before appointing a company to build a full-size version.
  • IT Volunteer of the Year - At the Technology4Good Awards in June 2011 we celebrated the fantastic work done by IT volunteers.
  • The Make a Difference Trust - A volunteer set-up a Filemaker Pro database to enable this London-based HIV and AIDS charity to better manage its information.
  • Collective Artistes - This Lambeth-based theatre company were concerned about the performance and security of their systems until a volunteer provided valuable advice.
  • Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance - This umbrella organisation representing ethnic minority communities in Rotherham needed professional advice before 'jumping in at the deep end' with a database overhaul.
  • Arthritis Care - This national charity needed an experienced consultant to project manage their move to a new database system.

...the organisation as a whole runs much more smoothly and efficiently.

Emer O'Neill, Depression Alliance

  • The Frozen Ark Project - This international environmental project, based at the University of Nottingham, needed a volunteer with strong database skills to build the database which is central to their work.
  • Keyfund - This Newcastle-based charity gives young people a chance to reach their potential. They used a volunteer to audit and advise on their IT infrastructure.
  • St Mary Islington Community Partnership - This charity running community activities in Islington has a volunteer member of staff who is responsible for their website. When she needed to improve the site we found two volunteers to provide advice and support.
  • MS Society - This national charity operates through a network of local branches. They partnered with iT4Communities to take advantage of our national network of volunteers.

I am delighted and pleased that I have been able to have this help to put the finishing touches to the site.

Gill Hopkins, St Mary Islington Community Partnership

  • London Philharmonic Orchestra - One of the finest orchestras on the international scene needed help to manage royalty payments to artists. A volunteer was able to provide a bespoke database solution.
  • Good4you - This south London-based charity works with homeless and disabled people. They needed help when their website was attacked.
  • Westminster Arts - This small charity supporting the cultural life of Westminster needed advice on their IT strategy and backup solutions.
  • Irish Support and Advice Service - This Hammersmith-based advice service found that ongoing technical support from a volunteer is invaluable.
  • Lambeth LINk - Lambeth LINk allows people to have a say about local health care and social services. They received training to increase their staff's database skills so that they can develop their member database.
  • Thames Valley Partnership - Based in Aylesbury TVP works to create strong and safe communities. They wanted to completely revamp their website and a member of their staff worked alongside a volunteer to create a colourful new site.

IT professionals often don't have any contact outside their immediate circles and I hadn't been aware how many organisations, especially charities, needed IT help but couldn't afford it

Panikos Panayi, iT4Communities volunteer

  • Borders Family History Society - This society promotes and supports research into family history. They were unable to print from their specialised micro-film reader until John McKenna spent a few hours in their office.
  • Whittington Park Community Association - Ad hoc additions to their network meant that this community association in Islington were not in control of their IT systems. They needed a review of their systems and some suggestions for improvements.
  • Community Development Finance Association - This London-based trade association had accumulated a variety of computer-related odds and ends. They had no idea what was useful until Dominik Kasprzyk offered to help make an inventory.
  • Creative Future - Bridging the gap between community and professional arts organisations in the south east of England Creative Future approached iT4Communities because they were outgrowing their IT systems but couldn't afford professional help. Support from five different volunteers was worth about £10,000 to them.

We have a wonderful website which is receiving many positive comments and frequent visits. Grateful thanks for your support at a time of great need.

Sandra Beeton, Association Of Panel Members (AOPM)

  • Bretton Woods Project - This Islington-based project works to monitor and reform the World Bank and IMF. A problem with their website caused them a major headache but a volunteer provided a quick fix.
  • Antidote - Antidote work with schools to help build enthusiasm for learning. They use a Filemaker database to manage their multiple projects but needed help from a volunteer to improve its functionality.
  • Family Holiday Association - FHA were planning a major fundraising event to support their work with children throughout the UK. They came to iT4Communities for help in promoting the event through a website, e-mail and social media.
  • African Peoples Advocacy - Promoting equality and advancing education in African communities this charity had problems accessing their website and e-mails. They needed a volunteer who could help them regain control.
  • Health Link - This social enterprise helps residents in North London influence health services. They asked a volunteer to provide an SEO (search-engine optimisation) report of their website.

We couldn't be any more delighted with the help Adrian has given us.

Paul Dicken, Through the Roof

  • Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon - This charity supporting community projects in deprived areas needed to review their IT systems. Recommendations from an IT professional volunteer mean that they can confidently plan for the future.
  • OVESCo - Help from a volunteer with over 30 year's professional experience has allowed this environmental organisation based in East Sussex to work more efficiently, producing reports quickly and accurately.
  • Computers for Primary Schools Kenya - Computers for Primary Schools Kenya sets up computer labs in primary schools in Kenya. They had obtained hardware to equip a number of schools but came to iT4Communities looking for help and advice to network the systems.
  • Community Link Up - Link Up is a registered charity which supports and promotes friendships between people with a learning disability and others in the Harrow community. Two iT4Communities volunteers got them on track with improved IT systems.

Without Adrian helping us we would have had a large bill to pay to an outside IT consultancy company

The Police Foundation

  • Halton Citizens' Advice Bureau - Working with a paper-based system Halton CAB were concerned that they weren't providing help and advice to those most in need. Panikos Panayi built them an online referral system allowing them to prioritise cases across the district.