The idea for iT4Communities came out of the Information Technologists’ Company’s charitable programme which had already demonstrated the value of expert IT advice to charities. Research commissioned by John Fisher of Citizens Online also showed that, while the IT sector as a whole was positive about community involvement, many companies weren’t sure how to get started or how to do this effectively.

At the same time, Gail Bradbrook (then working at Business in the Community) was piloting a day dedicated to IT volunteering projects, MAD 4 IT, which received wide support from IT companies and professionals.

The time was right for the iT4Communities initiative to take shape – with the unwitting support of Costa Coffee and Cafe Nero, who hosted many of the early discussions between David Edwards (then Operations Director of the Information Technologists‘ Company), Gail and John.

David Jefferson (Council member of Intellect) and Geoff McMullen and David Morris (both of whom have served as President of the BCS) greeted the project with enthusiasm and, with the invaluable support of Roger Graham and Mike Warburg of the Information Technologists’ Company and Jean Irvine (BCS and the Information Technologists’ Company), iT4Communities was launched.

The founding partners of iT4Communities were

The British Computer Society
Computer Weekly
Citizens Online